anus stretching

topic posted Fri, April 15, 2011 - 2:02 AM by  Steve
What is the best way to stretch the anus.
My master would like for me to be able to take his fist with no problem but has told me that i have to start stretching my hole.
Does anyone have any ideas bout how this could be done.
Is there any permenant device that can be worn so that it could be a permanent thing till it is stretched to a good size.
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  • It's not so much about stretching your anus as it is stretching your ability to open up to larger things. Play with dildos of increasing sizes---go slow and enjoy it. Work your way up to some pretty challenging sizes and you'll be ready to go---with a little patience on the part of your Master.
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    First you take your 1040A and then,,,,

    Sorry, I thought we were talking about the IRS. I certainly feel like I got fucked good and hard up the ass, with no warning and no lube. :)
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    I used dildos of increasing size to open my ass more and more. It works good for me.
    I will buy a device the next day which I can wear a long time for my hole permanent being opend.
    Here you can have a look at it:
    But this can't be worn to stretch your hole wider and wider. It can help you to get used to permanently opened at a given size. I don't think that there is a device which simply can be worn all the day to open up your ass. Cause this device must increase it's diameter all the time.
    Your anus will look more and more like a pussy, your pucker will become a slit. I think your master will like it.
    If you like to have an idea, how such a stretched hole looks like, look into the backdoor tribe, e.g. or (yes, those are mine)
  • Your anus isn't meant to remain stretched permannently - if that happens you'll be getting surgery to tight it back up. It's relaxing and loosening up when used. It sounds like you're dealing with an inexperienced top.
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    And trust Me, once u've trained ur hole properly it will be able to take a fist and work normally without being plugged constantly. AND it makes opening up again and again more fun!! Woof!!

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