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Mistress Lisa has decided that Peter my husband must be degraded to the lowest level. She sees him not as a man (so do I). I had a talk with her last evening and she told that she will feminize peter and that she will train him to become the perfect household slave. Next Saturday she has a special surprise for peter; he will be fucked by a real dog, her dog. Peter doesn’t know anything about this, yet. Mistress Lisa told me that it is up to me to inform Peter or not.

What should I do?
Tell him or don’t tell him!
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  • I assume you have some control over Peter, that he is subservient to you.
    You would do well to tease him about a special treat this weekend, something spicy.
    Do not tell him what it is, his curiosity, his sub nature, will not want to actually know what you are going to do to him.
    You should start his preparations on Friday, requiring him to have a long bath and an early night. All with your seductive smile so he believes it will be you that will be giving him this spicy treat.
    To tell him too much would be to make him complicit in his miss-treatment. A sub struggles to cope with this, and will try to make rules, limits. This planned treatment may well be outside his acceptable range, and it will be for you to reward him very well for his accepting, or at least going through with his miss-treatment. Promises before, and re-inforced, even increased, while he is being degraded will hopefully give him the strength to get through it.
    You may have to offer him yourself for his pleasure, or for a spanking, even bondage. Explaining that it's only fair. He belongs to you, you belong to him. You need him serve you, you love him for serving you, you know you push him hard at times. Love is like that, he wouldn't want to change your relationship, but just occasionally, in return for a special service he will receive a reward.
    This may be foreign to you, but within every Dom there is a sub. How else would you know how to handle a sub unless it tweaked the sub within you?
    I shall look for your report on Monday.
  • This is totally disgusting. Sex with dogs usually ends with the dog having to be destroyed. Besides being morally wrong, since dogs can't consent, it's ethically wrong since it upsets the dog's social order. People who do this should be banned from being around other people.

    This is the most disgusting thing I've heard of for a long time. And you actually post this on a public forum?

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