I'm a slave seeking a dom, daddy, or master for D/S, SM, BD, PE, bondage, service, sex. Other things I might be interested in: exhibitionism, sensation play, discipline, obedience training, puppy or pony play, costumes, and and other things as well. I'm a creative, energetic, pleasing sub. I'm open to age, but I'm looking for someone experienced - or confident and willing to learn. I'm athletic but sleek, pretty, and stream-lined (not voluptuous).
I'd like to meet someone who enjoys control and has fun being in charge. I like to play in public and private, and I would enjoy meeting someone who really likes the Scene and is interested in the Community.
My play can be extreme. I desire to serve, to show my spirit and creativity, to please, to be used. This aspect of my personality is my most submissive, the lust for the pain and pleasure of my dom. To seek the fun and games of control, and to also obey and respect. To show my will is given from my desire and my longing is to please. My interests are heavily into service, bondage, sex, and pain. I'm not a sassy disobedient type, but my will is confident and strong. I'm not passive *smile* I'm submissive. I do not disobey to get punishments, I delight in being good at obedience. Pain is a reward. Punishment would be disapproval. I also have a fulfilling and independent life outside of my SM interests.
I would definitely consider a couple, or a poly group, or a dom and sister slaves situation, or a polyamorous lifestyle. I'm bi and I play with other girls (but not other men). I adore playing with other girls and my dom. I find your interest in other women a turn-on, and I am quite comfortable with your freedom (safe sex only). I practice and expect safe sex play. I like to play with other women. I have a sense of self outside of my submission and obedience, and I feel this brings more to what I have to offer you. Things I'm turned off by are anal, electricity, nipple torture, fisting, medical play, food play, and toilet play. Things I'm not turned on by are objectification, hoods, breath play, and punishment. What I mean by punishment is that I'm never bad to get attention, I take great pride in obedience and I like to please. Things I might enjoy are rough sex, whips, wrestling, role-playing, and blood sports. I adore being dressed up however you'd like to see me. I want to find someone who likes or is willing to give oral sex. If that's a turn-off for you, we're not a match.
I'm not a party-girl. I'm straight and into healthy and fitness. I work hard and play hard. I have creative hobbies and I'm into strong friendships.
My communication is honest, clear, and direct, and as I take my submission seriously, I also believe in fun. BDSM is a playful and edgy and wild yet also as much demanding of character and the best in ourselves, I believe.
Tell me about yourself, interests, style, and experience!
You can check out my personal page at:
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